Waistbead History

Waistbeads originated from ancient khemet (Africa)Nile Valley people. Worn by wombman for various reasons, at times to determine status in her society.

Waistbeads are said to represent femininity, fertility, sensuality, sexuality, adornment for aesthetic reasons, they can also have healing properties when using stones/crystal beads. Waistbeads can also hold special meanings for the specific individual, allowing her to have a physical form of an affirmation/aspiration/manifestation that she is bringing into fruition. Waistbeads are also given as rights of passages for young girls coming into WomBmanhood in the motherland.

They can be used for weight management tracking inches lost or gained as they rise up towards your breast when your waist/belly gets bigger, and drop down towards the hips as weight is lost. In history when their weren’t scales for black WomBman they use them to keep track of weight.

In the motherland women also wear them to entice the male, showing him that she is available to be courted. They can have bells, and shells that make noise while the Wombman moves about so he can also hear her coming. 

Next time you see waistbeads you won’t  be confused on why the wombman is wearing them. They are for her own personal reasons, you can wear yours in the same way.

Some women where them outside of their clothes or hidden beneath their clothes for a more personal and private experience. Others may enjoy showing them off while wearing mid drift/crop tops, or bathing suits. However you decide to adorn your waistbeads is your BUSINESS. Just know Feesfocusjewels can assist in helping you to create something meaningful for you and your journey you call LIFE.


Waistbead adornment 

1. Spiritual armor

2. physical & spiritual healing

3. Chakra balancing

4. maintain & manage waistline

5. build intimate connections

6. celebrate new life beginnings

7. astrological alignment 

8. accessorize your attire

9. Fecundity- representing the number of pregnancies a woman has had 

10. Contraception

11. Fertility 

12. Sexual attraction

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