Spiritual attunement, energy clearing & cleansing.

Have you been seeking spiritual growth, awakening, cleansing & clearing out what no longer serves your higher purpose? Seeking knowledge about how to get closer to your higher cellf/mother earth/universe? You have found a place with like minded spirits. Here to educate, IN-courage, IN-lighten and grow together. Providing personalized adornments, cleansing & spiritual tools that can assist you on your journey.

2pc set

White Sage Bundles- for cleansing

Cleansing Tools

Enlightened Clients

Great Rising Queen!! I had to let you know that I LOVE my beads!! These things are POWERFUL!!! I think I’m going to need two more to fill in my gaps lol. So much more than just a Fashion statement! I can truly feel the POWER!!!💜💜


Setting intentions with your FocusBox

Goddess Energy

I make and wear my very own pieces. I love to have something tangible that assist me in my journey of self awareness, higher consciousness, and becoming the highest version of myself spiritually, mentally, & physically. 

Behind Feesfocusjewels

Powerful Pieces with Deep rooted Meaning

Channeling roots of ancient Khemet(Egypt), Black HERstory, Ankh life, spirituality, chakra healing, stones/crystals, sage & palo santo burning, affirmation & mantra speaking, synchronicity intune being.  I create Pieces that have helped some stay grounded, Focused, & connected with their divine self, ultimately walking in the shoes of their higher self.    


My desire is to build my brand to become a household name. I have a vision for giving back and educating young women to become self aware and self accountable and self attainable/sustainable using their experiences to elevate them into their higher/best selves. I am a healer at heart, working in healthcare for over 20yrs. I am naturally a nurturing being. I look to motivate, inspire and Give back.

I AM a wealthy black woman. I AM a receptive to abundance and prosperity. I AM Grateful to be financially provided for.