Wearing COPPER Jewelry

When our body sweats copper jewelry may naturally react with the oxygen in the air and also the oils on our skin especially the salty acidic water that makes up our sweat. Remember our skin is the largest organ our bodies have and it’s also the largest excretory system and it rids our bodies of waist via sweat, skin irritations such as rashes, pimples etc. When copper is mixed with skin perspiration, the result is “chelated” simply said (a chemical reaction) of copper pieces that absorb into the skin and may turn it green/blue. It’s a biological response and depends on your genetic chemistry which may predispose some to skin discoloration.

Over time this causes a blue-green discolouration on the copper, (see blog post about how to clean copper) and when worn against the skin may rub off and form a discoloration on the surface of the skin exposed to the copper jewelry. 

This reaction that copper has with the skin is actually believed to have health benefits including relief from arthritis, circulation issues, & more (feel free to do your own due diligence in this matter)

Please consult your medical provider for further information and details.

{Disclaimer: FEESFOCUS JEWELS are not license medical providers and are not recommending anything to cure, mitagate, or dissipate any medical issues or DIS-ease}